Isopod Taxonomist joins Phoenix

Phoenix Environmental Sciences announces the employment of WA’s well-known isopod taxonomist, Dr Simon Judd. Simon will continue his research and conduct taxonomic services through Phoenix. 
With Simon's assistance, Phoenix is now able to identify all target groups of short-range endemics in-house (with the exception of molluscs), providing streamlined reporting processes and control of timelines. Simon’s work will therefore close an important gap within our taxonomic capabilities.
Simon has been working on Western Australian terrestrial isopods for over 15 years. After five years as an independent taxonomist, he decided to base his research and consulting work at Phoenix as this provides a number of mutual benefits.
The amount of material and the number of species of terrestrial isopods collected as part of environmental impact assessments has increased dramatically over the last five years, requiring infrastructure that Phoenix can provide:
·         specialized data management system (fauna database) that is linked to an integrated GIS portal
·         high-quality and high-powered microscopic equipment and Automontage digital imaging system
·         efficient report writing linked to the Phoenix fauna database
·         close collaborative links with the Western Australian Museum to align isopod parataxonomy with an independent regional framework (the WAM “ISO”- code) and provide streamlined data- and specimens submissions through the WAM-TS system
·         support by enthusiastic, highly qualified and well-published taxonomists
·         quality assurance of reports within Phoenix QA system.
Phoenix is extremely pleased to welcome Simon to our team. Isopods belong to one of the major groups of terrestrial and subterranean invertebrates that are targeted within the EIA framework in Western Australia and Simon’s contributions will greatly support  and supplement our capabilities.
If you have any queries in relation to terrestrial isopods in WA, please feel free to contact Simon directly or for general enquiries, contact
We are looking forward to a productive and long-standing collaboration with Simon and many papers and new species of Western Australian terrestrial isopods.