Phoenix Environmental Sciences invertebrate team brings a wealth of experience in invertebrate taxonomy and aquatic ecosystem management that delivers clear impact management and mitigation strategies and baseline information.

The team is managed by Mr Jarrad Clark, who has extensive experience in designing and implementing aquatic ecology projects that address issues related to human health, regional baseline surveys (including the Pilbara Biological Survey), mining impacts and impact assessment for infrastructure developments.

Phoenix recognises that while invertebrate taxonomy is a necessary skill in any aquatic ecology project, relevant management strategies can only be delivered with an innovative, problem-solving approach that considers the whole ecosystem and any pre-existing impacts.

The team offers:
  • Baseline surveys
  • Targeted surveys
  • Monitoring and research programs
  • Environmental impact assessment for proposed mines and infrastructure
  • Ecological risk assessment (Tier 1, 2)
  • Management plans
  • Taxonomic services

For more information, contact Jarrad Clark directly or through our general email address