Subterranean Fauna

Phoenix offers complete subterranean survey solutions that are well-planned and employ cutting-edge, best practice field and laboratory methods. We deliver high quality reports and practical, scientifically sound advice to manage subterranean fauna issues.

Our subterranean projects are managed by Dr Erich Volschenk, has studied subterranean fauna since 1996. Erich has extensive experience in the design, sampling and management of subterranean invertebrates.

We can manage tight timelines by tailoring survey methods and reducing the time required to complete surveys. We supplement existing standard methods with newer and more effective techniques to increase survey efficiency and success.

We reduce the risk of misinterpretation through robust statistics and confirmation of in-house identifications with genomic analyses, including barcoding methods. This two-pronged approach brings far more clarity than is possible with standard morphological identifications alone and is particularly important for subterranean studies owing to the often high morphological similarities between species.

The team offers:
  • subterranean fauna survey scoping and design
  • risk assessments and baseline surveys for EIA
  • compliance monitoring for subterranean fauna and habitats
  • development of management plans and survey strategies
  • strategic advice

We offer superior, comprehensive services.

Download our Subterranean Fauna capability statement here.

For more information, contact Dr Volker Framenau directly or through our general email address