Vertebrate Fauna Surveys

Phoenix Environmental Sciences' vertebrate comprises of career zoologists with intimate knowledge of WA species and bioregions. The team is managed by Mr Jarrad Clark, an innovative and problem-solving zoologist who has implemented award winning survey programs.

We strike a balance between science and practicality by tailoring survey methods to site conditions.

Our strategy is to challenge current practice where necessary and strive for more practical, robust, site-applicable and effective survey techniques that yield data and conclusions that support superior outcomes for our clients.

We achieve this through research and development to derive innovative, cost-effective and time-saving survey methods that address site-specific challenges for fauna surveys. A key part of this process is often liaision with regulatory bodies and research agencies during the design phase for both compliance and approval, to ensure the best outcome for the project.The team offers:

  • Baseline studies for EIA - desktop reviews, Level 1 and 2 surveys
  • Targeted surveys for conservation significant species (including Northern Quoll, Bilby, Mulgara, Malleefowl, Orange Leafnosed Bat, Pilbara Olive Python, black cockatoo species, Nevin's Lerista)
  • Migratory shorebird surveys (aerial and ground-based)
  • Pre-clearance trapping and translocation surveys
  • Fauna and threatened species management plans
  • Monitoring and research programs
  • Development of offset packages

A recent client said:
"...From their appointment to assist with the development of the Environmental Scoping Document, through to submission of the PER, Phoenix was a proactive and valuable contributor to the project. Their contribution to project related workshops and community forums to assist with accurate dissemination of information and ability to consider alternative and occasionally innovative solutions to issues is recognised by the project management team as adding considerable value to the SMC project. Regardless of contractual arrangements, Phoenix participated as a project partner, going beyond contractual obligations with certain aspects of their work in order to get the task complete to the high level of quality that they demanded of themselves." (E. Fourie and T. Pearce, South Metro Connect).

Download our Vertebrate Fauna capability statement here

For more information, contact Jarrad Clark directly or through our general email address